Our New Project: 1967 Kit Companion Travel Trailer

Jordan and I have been dreaming of getting a vintage travel trailer for many months. He’s been obsessively searching Craigslist for just the right one. When a 1967 Kit Companion popped up one morning for $200 (and only 12 minutes away), we had a feeling that it wouldn’t be quite what we were looking for, but the price was enticing and it had a title so Jordan went to take a look.

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Then There Were 3: Meet Jordan David!

Sorry guys, I know it’s been so long since I’ve made a post on here. I recently got inspired to post again and thought I’d start by introducing our new adventure, our baby boy: Jordan!

Jordan Blaylock

 First though, I gotta tell you a little story. You’re going to laugh!


Morel Mushroom Quiche with Broccoli & Leeks

Morel Mushroom Quiche

Growing primarily on the Eastern side of our state, Morel mushrooms are somewhat elusive to us here in Western Washington. On a recent fishing trip to the Yakima valley, Jordan and his buddy found 5 precious little morels on the banks of the river and brought them home for us to share. Using what ingredients we had, Jor and I decided to make a quiche! (more…)

Easter at the Blaylock’s

My family has done Easter up traditional style my whole life.  The dinner table full of mom’s homemade deviled eggs, slow cooked ham, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, you name it – it was there, and it was delicious. We dyed eggs with food coloring, and there were plenty of Peeps to go around. While I love my parents’ Easter traditions, they are in the midst of building their house, so I volunteered (and volunteered Jordan) to host Easter this year, and I was determined to put my own little twist on this traditional holiday!

Firstly, since Jor and I have 7 hens, we never buy eggs from the store and don’t get any truly white eggs.

Urban Farming - Farm Fresh Eggs

Dying our own precious little brown, light blue & green eggs had to be done in a special way that didn’t detract from their uniqueness. So, we used spices, berries, beets and coffee to get some truly unique results! (more…)

Spiced Prickly Pear Jam Recipe

Spiced Prickly Pear Jam captures the sweetness of summer combined with the spice of autumn. The deep magenta color and velvety texture this simple recipe provides is sure to have you adding it to your yearly preserving repertoire.

Spiced Prickly Pear Jam Recipe


Wild Berry Jam Recipe

It’s berry season in the Pacific Northwest (and much of the United States). Huckleberries, thimble berries and blackberries are out in full force and this brings one thought to mind, jam! But not just any jam, the best most flavorful jam, Wild Berry Jam.

Wild berry Jam, foraging


Lavender & Fir

Kaisa and Jordan Blaylock - Lavender & Fir

With the belief that a happier life can be found in the dirt under your nails, the shovel in your hand and the jam on your apron, we created Lavender & Fir.

A lifestyle blog that focuses on small scale homesteading and crafting in the city, Lavender & Fir features gardening how-tos, unique recipes, modern DIY homesteading crafts and everything in between. (more…)

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