A Look Inside our Spring Greenhouse

Spring GreenhouseOver the last several years, as Jordan (my husband) and I have gotten more into gardening, we moved from buying plant starts to growing everything from seed. This saves us so much money each year. There is also a seemingly endless variety of beautiful heirloom seeds that you just can’t buy starts of at the home & garden store.

We started out sowing seedlings on our dining room table in February, under grow lights. The temperature indoors allows for quick germination, but space is really limited with this method.Sowing Seeds IndoorsLast year around this time I was looking on Amazon and found a great deal on a 6′ x 8′ hobby greenhouse. I’ve always dreamed of having a greenhouse so I was beyond excited! It was just the right size for the small space we had to spare in the vegetable garden.Urban GardenJordan and I built the benches using pallet wood and some spare lumber he had in the garage.springgreenhouseThis year I decided to still sow and germinate the seeds inside on our dining room table, but after they sprouted I have been moving them out to the greenhouse to grow. There is just no substitute for real sunlight.


We are putting a special focus on growing almost all of our own flowers from seed this year as well. We have over 100 starts so far of dozens of different varieties.

Urban GreenhouseI’m also growing some lovely heirloom tomatoes this year; Tigerella, Green Zebra and Wild Boar. Very excited about those!Spring Greenhouse

Greenhouse TomatoesAnd of course no greenhouse is complete without a gnome!

Spring GreenhouseThe plants that we sowed in the fall and winter of last year, especially the cilantro and geraniums, are doing very well!

Spring Greenhouse

Winter GreenhouseWeeds are one of the biggest problems in the greenhouse, we so make sure to stay on top of those while doing the watering.

Greenhouse weeds


Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing our Spring greenhouse! Please post a comment below and share your feedback or questions :)

Happy Spring!


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  1. Cathy
    March 28, 2015 at 10:43 am (3 years ago)

    You are truly a Beautiful & Amazing young Women…Thank you for being YOU~~~

  2. Genevieve M
    March 31, 2015 at 6:31 pm (3 years ago)

    Can I ask you a few questions about your greenhouse? We are setting up our new greenhouse in 2 weeks and I love the idea of starting the seeds indoors and then moving the out there once they germinate but we live in zone 3 and our last frost date isn’t till mid May. Are you still getting frosts when you put your seedlings in the greenhouse? What kind of overnight temps do you get in your greenhouse compared to the outside temps and do you run a heater in there? Thanks!

    • Jordan & Kaisa
      April 1, 2015 at 2:37 pm (3 years ago)

      Hi Genevieve,

      Thanks for your questions!

      We are in zone 8 and our last frost date isn’t until May 16th. It does not freeze in the greenhouse, even when we have had moderate frost, so I am able to have warm weather veggie starts in there starting in March. We don’t have a heater in our greenhouse, just a fan to circulate air. We have used heat mats in the past, but I am focused on trying to make our garden cost effective and paying for the electricity really doesn’t work. So far things have been fairing just fine without the mats. Our greenhouse stays in the 50s at night in the Spring when outside temperatures are in the mid 30s.

      I hope this is helpful information! Please let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Genevieve M
        April 7, 2015 at 7:59 am (3 years ago)

        Thank you so much for getting back to me! I really appreciate the info and I’m even more excited about my greenhouse!


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