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Wild Berry Jam Recipe

It’s berry season in the Pacific Northwest (and much of the United States). Huckleberries, thimble berries and blackberries are out in full force and this brings one thought to mind, jam! But not just any jam, the best most flavorful jam, Wild Berry Jam.

Wild berry Jam, foraging


Lavender & Fir

Kaisa and Jordan Blaylock - Lavender & Fir

With the belief that a happier life can be found in the dirt under your nails, the shovel in your hand and the jam on your apron, we created Lavender & Fir.

A lifestyle blog that focuses on small scale homesteading and crafting in the city, Lavender & Fir features gardening how-tos, unique recipes, modern DIY homesteading crafts and everything in between. (more…)